Original PND ( Tobal fundraiser )

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When i first started to make hair pomades i really was not sure of what i was doing or what look i wanted so I asked the help of a graphic designer/ friend from my home town ( Cebu City ) to make me a label for my flagship product . Tobal made me this label and i used it for about 2 years. people really dig it's classic look and i think that helped me win some devout customers.

Unfortunately, Tobal passed away a few days ago and it really saddened a lot of folks, and we are deeply sorry for his family that he left behind. So in honor of our friend, we will release this limited edition OG pomade with the label he made for us.

All profits will go to his family to help with the expenses.

Thank you Tobal. Rest in Power brother.

This is the Original PND pomade , which is a medium hold, coconut/coolwater scent as it was back in the day.